This year, the Moroccan Society of Orthodontics celebrates its tenth anniversary. On this occasion, my colleagues honored me by presiding over our association for the 2022-2024 term. I am committed to continuing the work started by my predecessors while endeavoring to raise the image of our association higher and to highlight the professionalism and excellence of our discipline. I cannot succeed in this ambitious project without the support and confidence of a new team that combines experience, enthusiasm and innovation. Thus, the first action carried out during this mandate is the change of name of MOS which becomes the Moroccan Orthodontic Society. This new name will allow our association to open up more and more to all orthodontists in the Kingdom and to establish new partnerships with learned societies around the world. We are also going to consolidate our image of expertise, by offering regular meetings on technological, scientific and technical developments. This is how we are organizing, starting this year, two new scientific meetings, the Summer Meeting in July and the Mid-term Meeting in October, without forgetting our unmissable Annual Congress which will be organized this year. in twinning (in pairing) with the Arab Orthodontic Society under the theme of Digital Orthodontics, a topical subject which has made our profession evolve and which makes it even more fascinating. We are counting on the presence of all of you, Moroccan, African, Arab and World Orthodontists, for a purely scientific exchange that will allow us to learn, move forward and innovate. The Moroccan Orthodontic Society will continue to be a real driving force for the development of national orthodontics so that it offers state-of-the-art care to our fellow citizens. I will be delighted to invite you all to play an active role in the projects of the Moroccan Orthodontic Society.

Zouhair ABIDINE, Président MOS